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Why learn first aid and emergency skills?

Safe Hearts Training Founder First Aid Story… People often ask me (Sherry), why should I learn first aid? And my answer is always the same – because it’s one of the reasons I am alive today! It all started at the age of 14: I was rushed to hospital because I was in excruciating abdominal […]

Sickle Cell Disease

What is Sickle Cell? Sickle Cell Disease is a serious chronic disease where red blood cells are sickle shaped. The condition is a genetic disorder given to you by both parents; each giving you one kind of haemoglobin.  From mum you will get one HBS and from dad you will get one HBS this makes […]

Preventing Choking Made Easy

Children under 5 have the highest risk of choking, but it can happen to anyone at any age. Dr. Henry Heimlich, the surgeon who invented the Heimlich Maneuver, before his passing had the opportunity of using his technic to save a fellow resident at his retirement home when she started choking during dinner. He was […]

Asthma – Are You a Sufferer?

Asthma is a chronic disease that has an effect on the lungs. The symptoms to this cause an individual to be wheezy, coughing, tightness in the chest, or shortness of breath.  Asthma awareness month has been dedicated to suffers with asthma or to those that are not aware of the condition on 7 May every […]

Why All the Fuss About a Stroke?

We all may know someone who had a stroke – a family member, friend, colleague, sister or brother from church or neighbour. The truth is Stroke can happen to anyone, including children. In the UK, there are 100,000 strokes a year, that’s one every five minutes and there are 1.2 million stroke survivors.  Stroke is […]

Free Family First Aid

Research shows that nine out of ten parents don’t know basic first aid skills that could help them to save their child’s life, and only 20 per cent of parents in the UK think that they could resuscitate their child. Safe Hearts Training arenow offering Family First Aid course to help reduce these figures and give […]

Are Your Staff Members First Aid Qualified

The health and safety regulations act 1981 require all employers to provide the right facilities and equipment and First Aid Trained personnel. This is to ensure employees and customers to receive immediate first aid attention in an event they are injured at work or suffering from a medical illness or potentially life threating conditions if […]

Immediate Life Support

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Level 3London on 04th & Manchester on 23rd November 2019Book Today!This course is designed and fully accredited to meet UK Resuscitation Council guidelines for ILS, ILS courses laid down by UK Resuscitation Council guidelines, the GMC, NMC, and GDC registration and revalidation requirements, as well as CQC Standards and is suitable […]

Heart Attack Awareness

A Heart Attack can occur when the coronary artery becomes block reducing the amount of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle and tissues causing damage. There are some myths when it comes to recognising signs and symptoms of someone who maybe having a heart attacks. Many people believe the pain has to be extreme […]

Infection Control Courses for the Beauty Industry

The safety and protection of your clients, employees and yourself from potentially harmful pathogens and viruses that could be transferred during treatments and beauty procedures is vitally important.  This is why Safe Hearts Training offers affordable and accessible infection control courses for beauty professionals, giving complete peace of mind and safety to their customers. Why […]

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