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Research shows that nine out of ten parents don’t know basic first aid skills that could help them to save their child’s life, and only 20 per cent of parents in the UK think that they could resuscitate their child.

Safe Hearts Training arenow offering Family First Aid course to help reduce these figures and give parents and others who care for children the knowledge, skills and the confidence to put emergency lifesaving skills into practice if, in the unlikely event, love-one life is threatened.

If you’re a parent, carer or grandparent, learning First Aid for children is one of the most crucial skill you could learn. Training with Safe Hearts can give you the confidence, ability to act and makes all the difference in saving life when it is necessary. 

Safe Hearts Training will be hosting Family First Aid workshops across Staffordshire where trained instructors will cover basic life saving techniques and provide advice on what to do when a baby, child or adult stops breathing, or how best to deal with a choking or drowning situation. Using a life-like baby manikin, people will learn how to perform basic CPR, use of an AED and how to administer first aid treatment for minor and serious injuries as they would in a real-life situation. 

Sue Marsden – Buttercups Nursery

“Following a telephone conversation with Safe Hearts Training Founder Sherry Diaz-Thompson regarding Parent First Aid training it was quickly realised that there was an opportunity to greatly benefit our parents and indeed potentially ‘save lives’, particularly in light of recent past events where young children have choked to death on food items such as grapes.  

A meeting was arranged and the needs of our parents was discussed and indeed tailored for. The training itself was also arranged to take place on our own premises during the evening time, this meant easy access for our parents and also that it was held in a place familiar to them.

During the training parents were heard to say that they had learnt a lot about first aid and didn’t realise how in-depth it was and some were surprised by the amount of information they received. 

From a professional perspective, I found that the course was delivered in a way that parents could understand and follow making it easier for them to take the information on board. Parents were also encouraged to ask questions about any aspects they may have felt unsure about.

I would certainly recommend Safe Hearts Training Ltd to other setting or indeed schools looking to offer first aid training for either staff, parents or in the case of schools, other children as we have found the experience valuable.”

Safe Hearts Training Family First Aid Workshop is designed to equip members of the community with the vital skills they would need in order to attempt to save a life if the emergency occurred. 

Our hands-on style of learning through the workshops means it doesn’t take long to understand the basics, but they are invaluable skills that will stay with people for life.

“Our aim is to ensure that parents and others who care for children and their families feel confident to deal with an emergency situation safely and if one life is saved as a result of the Family First Aid workshop, it has been a success.”

To arrange a FREE Family First Aid Workshop in Staffordshire for your parent group or community group or to find out more about the course, and how you can take part, contact 

Sherry Diaz-Thompson on 01785 532 219 or visit and send us your enquiry.

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