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Safe Hearts is a community-inspired company that recognises the growing struggles locally, nationally and internationally amongst our single parents, young people and those wanting to return to the workforce.

As an organisation, we wanted to help; and so we will help!

Sherry – our company’s founder, listened to the concerns and frustrations raised, and she quickly realised the possible long-term risk and impact this could have on a broader scale.

And so, what better way to make a difference than using the skills and services we already have to hand?

Therefore from September 2023, Safe Hearts Limited is proud to launch our very own Social Enterprise Programme with a vision and dedication to providing high-quality education in workplace health and safety topics, health and social care and business-related subjects working to empower young people and adults aged 16 to 55 to grow, achieve and excel in their careers or within the healthcare sector or business arena.

We are here to help and support anyone struggling with unemployment and other personal or medical issues to get back on track to finding work or start-up a small business by up-skilling or learning new skills through our UK-accredited courses.

Every person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities. We’ve got a range of courses to help get them up-skill and boost their confidence, enabling them to grow, achieve and excel to the next level of a bright and prosperous future.

We will work with local charities supporting people, small businesses and individuals to assist those with the greatest need and help them to take that next step into gainful employment or start their business journey.

Are you looking for support getting back into work, need to up-skill for an exciting new career or want to use your passion to start your own business; Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

For more information on how we can help, please get in touch with us at 01785 532 219 or email us at info@safeheartstraining.co.uk with your requirements.

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