Are Your Staff Members First Aid Qualified

The health and safety regulations act 1981 require all employers to provide the right facilities and equipment and First Aid Trained personnel. This is to ensure employees and customers to receive immediate first aid attention in an event they are injured at work or suffering from a medical illness or potentially life threating conditions if they are injured at work or suffering from a life-threating condition. 

As the health and safety act recommends that there should be at least one trained first aider present if a company has 5-50+ for a low-risk working environment. It is important for companies and organisations to risk asses for the right type of first aid personnel needed also covering any sick days, absents and holidays that may take place.

What can Safe Hearts Training do to help? We provide our first aid at work training for companies, organisations, classrooms, individuals, on site, or blended online learning across all the UK. Not only do we train and get you or your staff qualified we empower you to build and develop the confidence you need to save lives within your working environment. 

Our courses are delivered for all business types and individuals that want to learn a new skill or to make them more employable, by gaining a new qualification. 

Safe Hearts training are a registered training company that offer U.K and credited First Aid qualification in the following subjects;

·    Basic First Aid

·    Appointed Persons First Aid

·    CPR/BLS AED Level 2

·    Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3

·     First Aid Re-Qualification Level 3

Including many more courses to choose from. If you would like yourself and a member of staff to be train as a first aider and be able to enhance the safety of your working environment get in touch today to find out how we can help you or company today.

PHONE: + 44 (0) 1785 532219


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