Immediate Life Support

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Level 3
London on 04th & Manchester on 23rd November 2019
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This course is designed and fully accredited to meet UK Resuscitation Council guidelines for ILS, ILS courses laid down by UK Resuscitation Council guidelines, the GMC, NMC, and GDC registration and revalidation requirements, as well as CQC Standards and is suitable for healthcare providers, dentist, doctors, nurses, medical students, nursing students, midwives, and ambulance technicians. 
You will learn:
•   The Causes and Prevention of Cardiac Arrest
•   The ABCDE approach
•   Resuscitation and Defibrillation
•   Airway Management
•   Oxygen Therapy
•   Monitoring and Vitals
•   Emergency management with practical scenarios 
This qualification is accredited by Protrainings with full CPD Credits and Training Statements. Training content is overseen by our compliance department and all courses undergo a robust internal quality assurance review prior to certification. 
E-certificates are then issued and emailed to learners/clients within 24hours of course completion and hard copies are sent in the post within 14days thereafter.
Duration: 09:30 – 16:30
Cost £115.00
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