Sickle Cell Disease

What is Sickle Cell?

Sickle Cell Disease is a serious chronic disease where red blood cells are sickle shaped. The condition is a genetic disorder given to you by both parents; each giving you one kind of haemoglobin. 

From mum you will get one HBS and from dad you will get one HBS this makes you HBSS Positive for Sickle Cell Disease. Red Blood Cells helps to deliver oxygen t the cells throughout the body. People with Sickle Cell Red Blood Cells are short lived as it gives up it’s oxygen to the body tissues.

Signs of the disease

Suffering from this disease usually begins at early stages of childhood. The signs from this illness would be a low number of red blood cells which is commonly known as anaemia, repeated infections, periodic episodes of painful crisis resulting in hospitalisation. 

The symptoms of this disease will tend to vary depending on the individual suffering. In some cases, some individuals have mild symptoms that are not life threating to some suffers having extreme crisis from this disease. 

The damage

When sickle cell disease develops in the body the red blood cells sickle, which causes them to break down prematurely which can lead to anaemia. The reason why this disease can be found dangerous to the human body is because it has affects such as; shortness of breath, fatigue, delayed growth within children, skin deficiency such as yellowing of skin also eyes.

The reason why this is such a life threating disease is because the body needs to be oxygenated and when the red blood cells are not working properly the human body tends to develop other sicknesses such as; organ damage within lungs, kidneys, spleen and the brain. 

Other conditions such as high blood pressure or stroke can also occur. Studies have also stated one-third of adults suffering with sickle cell also lead to heart failure.  

Who are the suffers?

This disease is affecting millions of individuals world-wide today. But the most common places are the following; Africa, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Arabian, Peninsula, India, South America, Caribbean, and America. 

Studies have also stated that this disease has affect 1 in 500 African American and 1 in 1000 to 1400 Hispanic American overall affecting over 80,000 Americans. This disease is commonly inherited by one or both parents. 

Can this be cured?

Currently there is no cure for sickle cell. However, studies have shown progress in advance treatment for sickle cell disease by using bone marrow or stem cell transplant. 

To live a as best as possible with this illness the suffers must develop a healthy diet and life-style which include some basis such as; folic acid supplements, drink plenty water and stay hydrated, get enough rest, take medication that is prescribed by your doctor, and avoid extreme temperatures. 

Where to get help

In the UK if you are a Sickle Cell Sufferer you are not alone.   Speak you your doctor or local authority about local support groups or a really great place to start is by contacting the UK Sickle Cell Society via their website

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