Health and Safety at Work

How are you coping with sickness and accidents at work?

Every day “no win no fee” law firms are jeopardising the livelihood of small businesses going under, this can be avoided by establishing and implementing safe working practices, too often however, we treat health and safety as a burden.

If you are a business owner think about how much staff members went off work sick or injured in 2017 for more than 3 days, think about all the cost associated with just one staff member going off sick, think about what a complete nightmare this was for you and the rest of your team; then think about your customers and how they were affected by this, and lastly think about your business profits. 

Have you got that picture in your mind? Actually, I am your feeling pain just thinking about it.

Managing health and safety at work is not a burden it is a necessity and a legal requirement for employers and staff alike. Poor health and safety does not just affect one or two people, there is a complete ripple effect from the employer, staff, business point of view, but also has an effect on the NHS and social sector as a whole. 

 Be prepared – empower yourself and your staff with the right training giving them the confidence to ACT, saving you time and money, increasing your profitability!

To get started you will need a company – but not just any company, one who can help you achieve this goal. Safe Hearts Training Ltd is a UK-based training company offering onsite, classroom and online courses, established with a desire to address the growing needs of businesses and individuals to reduce workplace related injuries, illness, and long-term sickness and increase profitability through the safe and practical application of training and use of life-saving equipment.

We Offer Compliant Workplace and Healthcare Courses in:

First Aid & AED
Paediatric & Childcare First Aid 
Immediate Life Suppport
Health and Safety
Fire Safety 
Manual Handling
Food Safety & Nutrition
Mandatory Health and Social Care
Data Protection
Stress Management
Health and Welbeing and so much more……

Each course is delivered, evaluated and quality-assured to meet the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), First Aid Regulation (1981), Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992), Care Standard Act (2000) and Care Act (2014).

Other services we provide our clients include:

Workplace First Aid Equipment and Life-Saving Defibrillator packages

Health and Safety Management Services and IT Support Services

Business Support and Customer Services: Following the completion of our training, you and your staff have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and support needed to reduce workplace injuries, illness, and long-term sickness.

This not only saves you time and money but it most importantly teaches you to save lives with confidence – this is our motto!

E-learning: Our e-learning portal helps educate employers, staff, health care professionals and enthusiasts globally. At Safe Hearts Training we are committed to delivering the highest standards and our revolutionary e-learning systems are accessible anywhere, anytime, saving you both time and money.

If you are looking for a UK-based one-stop solution that offers you a plethora of compliant training, lifesaving products and business support services guaranteed to take your practice to greater heights, then you are welcome to Safe Hearts Training.

Contact us now on 01785 532 219 or email –

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